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Mognet Messaging

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I found while cleaning through my inbox that private message titles usually fall into a few specific categories.

There are the greetings: Hello! Hi! Heya, hiya, hey, yo, holla, and HEY YOU, hey there, harro, sup playa!

I have a ton of those. Followed next by the non-word titles:

=), >=(, !!!!, ????, ^_^, : mad2 :

And then there are plenty of the random ones: Antlers, lizard, horseback riding, krøll, "Today I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt as pants"

The noises: grrrrrrrr, ahahahaha, heeehee, ha! Oy!

The not-to-frequent but occassional insults: "I HATE YOU PALINDROMA YOU RIUN ALL MY MSNS", "You horrible witch"

The affectionate: "I love you!"

And the dirty ones: which I won't go into here!

Resolution, no more PMing people with any type of greeting title. That is so 2008.

Updated 09-19-2010 at 01:58 AM by Miriel

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  1. Marshall Banana's Avatar
    Someone PMed you just to call you a "horrible witch?" XD
  2. Goldenboko's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Marshall Banana
    Someone PMed you just to call you a "horrible witch?" XD
    Sounds like something I would do.
  3. Rye's Avatar

    I have some pretty disturbing titles in my PM box. XD
  4. Loony BoB's Avatar
    I use all three types!
  5. Levian's Avatar
    I recognize some of the random ones :]

    and sorry for calling you a horrible witch, but you had it coming for stepping down you horrible witch. >:/
  6. Del Murder's Avatar
    I remember that guy, he was gross.