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I've failed yet again.

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Okay I'll give you the quick story.

1] i liked a girl
2] I thought she liked me back
3] However I let time pass
4] Then stuff got busy, and a panic attack hit me
4] I was in the middle of asking her out.....
And then realized she was never in to me
and felt worthless and stupid!
(She's a friend too, now I fear interacting ever with her)

This triggered an all time low in the depression scale for me. Although I could be relying on recent information since I listened to someone with MDD give a lecture on his life.

But now I feel as if I can no longer help others if I really don't take care of myself.

Even though I do enjoy it, I think its hypocritical.

That being said I AM LEAVING EoFF. Perhaps I will return soon, but I really don't want to be alone anymore. I haven't been with anyone in 7 years.

Maybe I am just in a bad mood now, and tomorrow I'll be ready to take on the world. I don't know what to do right now really.
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  1. kotora's Avatar
    good luck