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A Bass cover of Caramelldansen I did

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I thought I'd put it up in a blog as self pimping songs and covers in threads with no reason or subject other than "Look at this!" isn't really what I want to do with this... Ironic kinda that back in the hey day I was a notorious spamming dickbutt. XP

Anyways here's a cover I did as a request from some friends of one of the most jumpy and overtly happy songs I've ever heard. I got a backing track from guitar pro and fiddled with the RSE instruments to make it sound a bit less er, boring to play to. As a bassist, I like to go crazy. Hell I even whipped on my overdrive pedal for this!

I'm using a Rickenbacker 4003 and the pedal is a Marshall Guv'nor overdrive pedal. I just plugged the bass into the pedal and the pedal into the PC and was good to go!

Oh and yes, I (regrettable) had all my hair cut off in July... X(
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  1. Jiro's Avatar
    Heck yeah dude that was awesome