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The internet is getting to know me.

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Earlier this evening, when DMKA posted a link to some scary anti-drug Snakeman PSA I saw a link to a 1980's RoboCop fried chicken commercial from Korea.

Of course I had to watch that trout. Are you kidding me? I love RoboCop.

So I watched it, to my great satisfaction, and glanced over at the related videos list. In the sidebar, the second video was a live version of Prize Fighter Inferno's (a Coheed & Cambria side-project, yeah I know, doofy name) "Elm Street Lover Boy."

I was kinda freaked out, because youtube is starting to understand me. Eventually SkyNet is going to send a Gary Oldman cyborg to finish me... but he hasn't shown up in random unrelated videos yet. So I have some more time.

And for those interested... yo, I'm gonna eat.
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  1. Sephex's Avatar
    They understand you because they like you. Like,LIKE-like you. Like in school, you know? Passing notes. Claim you have cooties when you don't. I mean, yeah. That's a real explanation like that. An explanation across a nation.