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HAWKEN Open Beta

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I missed the closed beta for Hawken, but good news: the open beta recently happened, and now more people can kill each other. I happen to go by the name MDNA, so if you see me, shoot me. Or shoot me a friend request. Or whatever. No idea what Hawken is? Do not worry; I drawed a picture for you (do not worry, I draw good):

It looks like that, but with more dying (and looking a smidge better). Currently, mostly me. I am hoping the dying will happen, but less of it me.
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  1. Shaibana's Avatar
    looks... fascinating :P
  2. Jiro's Avatar
    It's very buggy and laggy, as you would expect I suppose.
  3. Madonna's Avatar
    Your initial mech is pretty much a lurching piece of trout and takes some dedication to learn the feel for it, which I am going to pretend is the issue. Otherwise, I just think it is very graphically intense and my computer does not like it for that very reason. The servers have been running fine for me, which is a strange thing, as Xbox Live and PSN like to drop me all the time and screw my chances of multiplayer.