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Jingle Jangle Jiro

Laguna's Log 12-01-2012

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I told you we were going somewhere special for Christmas, didn't I? Look, we're heading in the right direction, I can feel it. You just have to have a little faith. The pub is a stone's throw away, I just know it!
That's what you said an hour ago. We're lost, again. Just admit it Laguna. You have no idea where we are. Somehow I don't even think we're on the Galbadian continent any more!
We're not lost! Trust me, I know where I'm going. I just need a second to get my bearings, that's all. Just give me a moment to think. Now, was it a left at the weird looking tree...
Ward's right. The oppressive mist should have been our first warning. We really should stop letting you lead the way.
...though I guess life would be boring if we didn't get lost every five seconds though.
Yeah, that's the spirit! Anyway, I think it's just through this cave right here. Whoa! It's pretty chilly. Anybody else got the shivers? I think I can feel a draft on my butt.
Everything seems to be made of ice. Even the plants appear coated in a thick layer of frost. Interesting. What kind of strange flora survives in such conditions? Perhaps we should investigate further some other time.
Hey we should call this the ICE CAVERN don't you think? I bet we're the first ones to ever walk through this place. Being explorers is great! We should do this all the time. Maybe we can call ourselves the Laguna Gang! What do you guys think?
I wouldn't have elected him either.
Huh? Did you say something? What do you think of my great plan?
Can we just get through this cave already? Nobody is dressed for these conditions. It's a wonder we haven't passed out from the cold yet. Imagine if we were wearing our Galbadian uniforms. The joints would have frozen solid and we'd be immobilised here until the frostbite got us.
Hey, don't you think it's really pretty in here? It's making me feel real sleepy. Don't you just want to lay down and just rest for a little while...
Laguna, snap out of it. If you fall asleep, you'll die of hypothermia. What would we tell Ellone then?
But Kiros, I just want to close my eyes a for minutes...
[muffled thud]
Can you carry him Ward? I swear. If he dies in here, I wouldn't know what to do with my life. I don't even know where we are, for starters. Maybe he can lead us blindly back to the right place. When he wakes up.
What do you mean, hear a bell? I don't hear anything. Look, there's an exit at the top of the path there. Let's hope it's a little warmer out there. So much for a Merry Christmas. The only present Laguna is getting is a swift kick to the ass once we're out of this mess. I could really use some coffee. Irish.


  1. Formalhaut's Avatar
    Love it! You should keep making these!
  2. Gamblet's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Formalhaut
    Love it! You should keep making these!
    I second that!
  3. Red Mage Coffman's Avatar
    I, err, third it! Very good