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Formalhaut: Moonlighting

Formalhaut's EoFF Year In Review

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Hello everyone! I hope your holidays are going swimmingly. The purpose of this blog entry is to simply reflect on my time here since September and just to congratulate each and every member I can think of for making my time here so far feel great and special. I sincerely hope you've enjoyed my blog posts so far and I wish you all a merry Christmas

So, I left the shores of EoFF around the year of 2008. I can't remember quite the exact date but I do remember it was hardly amicable. I very briefly went through my user notes and I was horrified at my behaviour. I can't quite remember what exactly it was I did, and frankly I don't want to face the horror but these two notes probably sum it all up:

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Someone delete each and every user note. Their like a scar.

Not meaning to be philosophical, but perhaps it was a good thing that my internet connection cut out for over two years. Maybe it was exactly what I needed to mature enough. Who knows. To be perfectly honest I'm still a terrible terrible person and as Raebus said I probably do fail at life but at least I fail at life with dignity. Not like a twelve year old screaming over spilt milk.

So I came back to EoFF this September and it was a rather low key affair. A few members waved high, like Goldenboko and Psychotic and Jiro, but it was quite a small welcome back. Not that it bothered me, I wasn't hopeful for much. But I must have arrived in quite fortunate time, because I came in time for the EoFF Olympics!

And what an event it was. I was part of Team XIII, though you'd be forgiven for thinking I was the ONLY member of Team XIII. Either way, I somehow single handedly earned three triple golds and also embarrassed myself with the worst singing I have ever known:

I also wrote a wonderful essay on the efforts of Minwu, and why he was the most unfortunate death in the second Final Fantasy. And finally, I somehow managed to guess all of the esper symbols correctly. The Olympics definitely allowed me to become slightly more well ingratiated with the community. However, I still have a long way to go.

The next big event was the Mafia game. Now, I have never played Mafia in my life, so again, I wasn't hopeful of doing well. I predicted maybe a day two or three exit.

I lasted to Day Nine. Out of Ten.

I was as surprised as he was. I really outdid myself in my lying, and I was surprised my FBI Agent role-claim went as well as it did for so long. It was such a poor lie. I proved myself to be a credit to my Mafia team and even though we did lose the overall win was to the Mafia, which was my main goal anyway. I also did a bang up job of keeping the Office of Evil nice and tidy. Here's the final repossession order by Fantasia Council:

To all it may concern,

The following weeks have been a turbulent one for all involved in this quiet village of Final Fantasia. Much bloodshed has been wrought, and it is brought to my attention that a certain gang known as the "Yakuza" has been one of two factions that are responsible for this. As of 27th November 2012, the pet store known only as "The Woof-Father" is officially repossessed under direct order of the Fantasia Council, including Chairman Jiro and myself.

Using what little resources we have available including police forces from neighbouring villages across the county, we have managed to repossess the entire building from the mock pet store to it's upper offices, of which are heavily booby-trapped. Animal welfare officers ensured all animals were rescued all relevant products were disposed of. Heavily trained officers proceeded upstairs, and began clearing out the area in case more "Yakuza" lay hidden. It is ascertained presently that there is no members of this gang left standing.

Using intel gathered from various sources, it is understood that the following members of the "Yakuza" are as follows (It is wise to assume these are aliases):

- Blank: Appears to be the ringleader. Declared deceased.
- Relm: Informant for gang and also liberal arts college student. Deceased.
- Luneth: Sharpshooter, trophies suggest previous competitive success. Dead.
- Penelo: Notes indicate she handled day to day runnings, and looked after animals despite Marshall Law being declared, meaning all shops were shut. Somehow wrote messages on gang's internet communication system even after death. Because of this, the Penelo who was lynched is an imposter and the real Penelo is MIA.

To conclude, the Repossession order is in effect, and this self declared "Office Of Evil" is officially shut down.

[M] Stilzskin
Chairman of Final Fantasia Council.

Alas, the Mafia game ended, but not to worry! There was even more stuff to deal with during my return. I know. What a time it was to return. Both Ciddies came and went, and while I didn't win anything from the EoFF Ciddies, that's O.K as I didn't really expect anything. Keep your expectations low and your be disappointed right?

What was good though was the satisfaction of making speeches for Award Chocobo for the Anniversary Ciddies. I loved making all four speeches and am amazed I was given the honour of making speeches. The speech makers were selected via invitation and was strictly confidential. That in itself was amazing, but being given the honour of Best Character. The top Ciddie. As a wise Moogle once said:

Quote Originally Posted by Moogle
Holy Smurf!

And then I finally come down to the equally amazing Secret Santa game which had just ended today. While at first sign-ups were slightly slow and I feared it would be condemned to the "less than 10 replies" thread bin like the majority of my created threads, imagine my surprise when I got [strike]fourteen[/strike] thirteen Santas to produce lovely presents! Seriously. Check the thread. The effort they all went into it far surpasses any effort I made formatting it all into a thread. Seriously, a ten year old could do my job just fine. Still, I loved Boko's praise!
Quote Originally Posted by GoBo View Post
Dear god, I love that trip so much! Thank you stranger!
Quote Originally Posted by GoBo View Post

Formalhaut, this was excellently run. My hat is off to you.
And with that, sans the last week or so, that is the end of my EoFF Year in Review. The next segment is essentially just a huge list of thank you's for making my time here amazing so far. I wish all of you the best of Christmas (Or other religious festival) and a great New Year!

Special Thanks

Jiro For being a lovely, lovely Australian. The best thing out of Australia since Crocodile Dundee.
GoBo For being a great developer and site leader, being enthusiastic and lavishing praise as if it was going out of fashion.
Loony BoB Being a great forum leader. Enough said.
Lockharted She is a rising star and will do even better than I will here on EoFF. She will go far. I assure you of this. Also, she's a right darling with those frontsite articles!
Chris EoFF's very own flirt. And I wouldn't have it anything else.
Citizen Bleys Similar to GoBo really. Great job with the WILTY game Bleys!
Faris For keeping me entertained during my illness mainly, and being awesome in general. Thanks for the hyper potion!
Shlup For packing the Anniversary posters like Hermes, sending them off so we can marvel at our amazing luck.
Laddy For being strong and having an adorable avatar.
Del Murder & Miriel For being EoFF's most cutest couple in my eyes. Their both perfect for each other and are a credit to the site.
Deviant Artists For the epic artworks during the Anniversary Ciddies, and in general for being an extension of the lovely compilation of EoFF.
Pike For being a great site leader and running the EoFF twitter feed. Great job Pike!
Sephex For not committing suicide after not winning a ciddie. AGAIN.
All Site Staff I know I can't remember everyone, so this one is a catch-all, basically thank you guys. Without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you all!
Tifa's Boobs Basically for being a great member of EoFF and for having four of those green rep things in less than a year! Some members of EoFF have been here since 2001 and not obtained that many. I don't know how she does it. She's clearly a strong member of EoFF with strong views and I can't wait to hear more from her.

Formalhaut's blog is taking a brief week's break, and will be back in the New Year. Fresh new content will be continued as Formalhaut loves doing these blogs. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And sorry for the annoying space gap. Do not know how it happened...

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  1. Jiro's Avatar
    It's a pleasure to have you back with us. Don't ever leave again, yeah? You belong here
  2. Goldenboko's Avatar
    Dear Formalhaut
    I noticed you tried to make a table and it is le-broken, tables are a pain in the ass here and require HTML no line breaks to work, which would sadly destroy the rest of your blog. If you ever are wondering more about this subject, PM me.
  3. Formalhaut's Avatar
    Don't get me started on the damn things. I just thought "well, make the special thanks part look nice and organised" but well. Didn't turn out so elegant.

    Nevermind. it gets the job done, even with a humongous gap. I might redo the entire section tomorrow but's it's past midnight now and I'm too tired! Thanks though GoBo!
  4. Jiro's Avatar
    I fixed the gap but apparently you don't have permissions to use HTML so my reformatting didn't stick and the rest of the post was ruined. Reverted it back to the original so that it's not as messy. Apologies
  5. Formalhaut's Avatar
    So wait, I'm confused. Why don't I have permission to use HTML?
  6. Jiro's Avatar
    Not sure. Could be something to do with usergroup permissions - staff have "more access" to functions than ordinary members - or it might be something to do with blogs themselves. That's one for the tech guys.
  7. Formalhaut's Avatar
    Sorry if I've turned the comment section for this blog post into a technical help thread
  8. Night Fury's Avatar
    You need to stop singing my praises boy, I'll get a big head and fall over and die because my head is too heavy and my neck will break.

    So basically, you'll kill me.
  9. Formalhaut's Avatar
    If we lived in a cartoon Locky, maybe that would happen
  10. Faris's Avatar
    More fun will be had in 2013!
  11. Freya's Avatar
    Awww you love eoff. :3 so cute.
  12. Jinx's Avatar
    Haha, I'm such a , and he praises me.

    Dude, I'll never learn if you keep that up.
  13. Formalhaut's Avatar
    Eh, some people deserve praise Sam!