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Should be sleeping!

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I have to get up at 5:20 tomorrow morning to chaperone a field trip for some underclassmen and I should be asleep by now but INTERNET IS SO DISTRACTING

I realize I'm on here so sporadically. I have a crappy attention span, I guess, and there's always some new website I want to join only to forget about it in a week. EoFF should feel special that I at least bother to check up every few months xD so I guess I'll make an update about my life, if anyone cares.

I'm a senior in high school now. I'll be 18 next month and have recently gotten my driver's license. I now have blonde hair. I have a part time job and do winter color guard. I've been with my current boy (technically my fiance but I'm tired of getting criticized and slammed for it every time I use that word, and it's a long story) for over a year and a half now, and the whole time it's been a long-distance relationship. I'm going to a nationally recognized liberal arts college in August and am really, really excited about it. I will be majoring in psychology and minoring in neuroscience.

I was recently diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, a condition of my bladder that makes sure I get anxious about finding bathrooms in every new place I go to and about long car rides and movies. It also causes other bad symptoms that I won't get into but I'm trying to not let it affect my quality of life. I also have had a few mental health issues but I've been able to control them for the most part in the past few years. Other than that I'm a healthy, normal, short teenager girl who is eager to move forward with her life and ambitions. I think I come off as a little off-beat/weird on here but meh lol

Sorry if that was TL;DR or too much information you didn't care about xD just felt like giving an update for anyone who cares. I'll try to be around more even though I'm pretty busy. And if you want to add me on Facebook or something, by all means ask
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  1. Formalhaut's Avatar
    I could make a joke about liberal arts, but I'm not going to

    How often do you see your fiance?
  2. Rebellious Eagle's Avatar
    Well I'm studying psychology so it's all good!
    And once every few months. His mom hates my parents and makes it difficult sometimes to arrange plans, but the next time I see him will be in June for senior prom.
  3. Formalhaut's Avatar
    Why does his mom hate the parents then?
  4. Rebellious Eagle's Avatar
    I still don't know. She thinks we flaunt our money (it's not like we're even rich or anything) and thinks they treat him badly when he comes to visit me (???) and try to stop him from seeing me (??????) so it's really all very stupid.
  5. Formalhaut's Avatar
    You can't please everyone. Don't let it detract from the relationship. Remember, at the end of the day it's between two people. Don't let outside disturbances affect that. Parents are obviously important, and it's good you've got at least your side on side.

    What's his dad's stance on your parents/relationship?
  6. Rebellious Eagle's Avatar
    I'm trying not to but until I'm 18 (one more month!) I have to run by all of our visit plans by them and have both sides be okay with them. Thank God we'll be 4 hours closer when I go to college.

    His dad is okay with us but isn't home a lot due to his job, but he lets me use his frequent flyer miles to see Matt for free, which is awesome.