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Fetuses that look like babies

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We had a second ultrasound yesterday. It was pretty freaking great for a few good reasons.

1. We got to see an actual baby looking baby in there. It's only been four weeks since the first ultrasound but that kid's grown so much. S/he's gone from a little bean shaped thing to a little bean shaped thing with limbs. I believe I saw a nose as well!

2. The kid's a dancin' fool. Our OB had a student shadowing him and he let her play with the wand thing during the show. She had a bit of an issue finding, well, anything (there's like a Six Flags in there, I swear), so the doctor had to take over. Took two seconds for him to find the baby. What we saw was a bit reminiscent of the Ooga Chaka Baby.

Yes. That exact thing was happening in my girlfriend's uterus.

3. We got to hear the heartbeat this time. :shiny: That thing was a'poundin'! There's too much cardio going on in there. My kid's going to be more fit than me when he gets here.

It was pretty cool to hear, actually. It's easy to forget sometimes that behind that little bump there's a human being brewin', but seeing him or her move around and hearing their heartbeat is an amazing reminder of how real this is.

As a finisher, I'll leave you with this revelation I made today: I'm going to be a dad. Pretty crazy, huh? I'm going to be responsible for teaching this kid how to function on a daily basis, something I barely manage to do at 24. Mindy will be raising two kids, I think. I'm already planning out what I'm going to say to convince him that the adults get the toys in the Happy Meals.


  1. Shaibana's Avatar
    haha grats!!

    Isnt it easyer to order 2 happy meals, for you and your kid? :P that way u wont have to fight over the toys xD.

    i think everything around having kids is creepy :o
  2. XxSephirothxX's Avatar
    If Ally McBeal taught me anything, it's that dancing babies are trouble. Sounds like you've got a hellion on the way.
  3. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Wow, I'm so happy to hear this . Sounds like everything is progressing nicely!