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Goodness What Can I Say?

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So, I'm going to be working on a comic sometime. Related to Final Fantasy... (Go figure.) I want to know if there are any good ehh... image enhancers...? (Photoshop) that don't cost money, that would be a good substitute for Photoshop maybe? Because I don't trust my hand on the paper to color it... and I'm jobless... also... no viruses please. We don't like them... we just got over a cold.. :P


  1. Shlup's Avatar
    Just get Photoshop. Who says you have to pay for it?

    Gimp is the standard Photoshop (and free) Photoshop alternative.
  2. Toni's Avatar
    Loool. Well the problem with photoshop is when I attempt to download it from adobe, it doesn't quite work... there's that retarded... uhh... strange... download manager that they have that doesn't allow me to get the trial... (So that I can... you know... get it.) :P So yeah... I'm kinda stuck there.