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  1. Shaibana's Avatar
    wouw, thats quit a load!!
    and you are making me a little afraid for when i will (ever) be moving somewhere with my Bf xD

    i also just cant stand it when my boyfriend jokes: thats a woman's job.
    for example: when he is here i do my laundry and he puts in his... becaus at home his mother doesnt do the laundry that often becaus there simply is nearly nothing to wash.
    so i tell him: 'ask youre mom how it works and do it yrself then'.. on what he replies: 'naa, ive got you for that' and he jokes: 'its what yr suppose to do' .. .. i know he doesnt really mean it but it does make me a little angry on the inside.

    ive made sure that he knows that i wil NOT be doing all the housework.

    ive got the overhand at the moment >: D im making way more money than him.. feels good to punch his 'manly ego' with it.
  2. 41-Inches-Wide's Avatar
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