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It's a girl!

We think. The doctor said he was 90% sure. Normally I'd like those odds, but for a split second I thought I saw a little something extra in between those legs, and then he shifted the wand thing and it was gone. I think he's in cahoots with the woman.

90% is a lot of %, but even so, I think I'll wait until the next ultrasound confirms it before I start picking out outfits and junk. In about eight weeks we get to see a 3D ultrasound, and then we'll find out if she looks like me or is actually attractive like her mother.

Closing funny: I was planning out how I'm going to instill in her a sense of nerdiness with Mindy the other day, basically groom her to love all the things I do, and she asked about what she'd get from her mother, to which I replied, "Oh, I forgot you were going to be a part of her life too." She did not find that as funny as I did.
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  1. Formalhaut's Avatar
  2. chionos's Avatar
    Ha! Funny. Good luck either way. Boy, girl, puppy, whatever.
  3. Freya's Avatar
    How'd the sharing the news with your family go?

    Erica is her name fyi. Can't be Eric JR if it's a girl!
  4. Yar's Avatar
    Eric you are making it hard for me to hate the disgusting world of baby making D:
  5. LocoColt04's Avatar
    Excellent, excellent!

    Erica's a good name. Freya knows what's up.
  6. Pumpkin's Avatar
  7. Shorty's Avatar
    eeeeeeeee omg!