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Vincent, Thunder God

Mother 3

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Alright ladies and gents, it is high time that I told you about a little game i like to call... Mother 3.

This came out in Japan several years ago, 12 years after its intended n64 release, on GBA. It was never officially released in the N o A, BUT a fan translation patch mystically appeared and was consumed by many!

Now I must tell you of the epic confrontation which is... MOTHER 3. You! Will play as a cowboy! You! Will (SPOILER)lose! a wife! Your son! Will avenge this loss, whilst running with limping thieves, a weird woman who stole their golden egg, and! crossdressing gypsies who die and give you razors! called! Magypsies.

And You! will wake a dragon! You! Will find the needles of the dead Magypsies. And you! Will (SPOILER)avenge the death of your dead mother whilst accidentally killing your evil brother, who became a robot because of evil Pigmask creatures who destroy the town with TVs called
Happy Boxes
this all ends with the most tragic ending sequence ever. the music in this game still haunts me, and i have yet to beat it. smurf you, New Fassad!
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