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I need surgery on my nose. Again. Blargh.
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  1. Jiro's Avatar
    god smurfing damn it they better fix you good and proper this time
  2. Tigmafuzz's Avatar
    I remember when I had a nose.
  3. Slothy's Avatar
    Agreed Jiro. If they don't just have me go talk to them. I can bring my bow.
  4. Jinx's Avatar
  5. Freya's Avatar
    If only I could look as alien as Michael
  6. Freya's Avatar
    I think my best move to combat this nose problem is get out of Oklahoma where there is no allergy that is not native here. Every spring I sneeze my head off and that's when the polyps come back. So I need to move from Oklahoma.
  7. Hollycat's Avatar
    I know how that feels, I've had to have surgery on my feet a bunch of times. I hope whatever is wrong with your nose gets fixed this time.