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Final Fantasy - Adventures of Super Cute Sprite Party! II

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Sprite party of cute sprites wakes up and travels over the bridge to new lands. Battles with ugly sprites happen and the party finds a cave and a blind sprite of some amount of cuteness mumbling about a crystal ball.

Party decides to be meaniefaceses and rob poor blind sprite of his spritey treasures of tents and other goodies!

Party then finds elf town and checks all the stores before staying in a inn. Afterward a new sword is bought along with leather gloves and shields.

The sprites decide to talk to a group of people outside a building and get attacked by… piiiirates?!

Pirates lose of course and are given a ship. Leader of the sprite party holds ship over his head much to Elizabetheses puzzlement… PUZZLE SHIPS!

Excited about carrying around a ship the party goes outside and decides to sail stopping at the closest island! Big bad battles happen with very very ugly oogle ogres.

Many experienceses is gained and money and soon the next town is found! Parties jaw drops at price of spells and new weapons. Grinding must be done!

A visit to the elf castle follows and the sleeping prince is found. Sprite party hits sleeping prince with a duck but it does nothing…

Slipping on feathers, sprite party decides to do more sailing! They hop in their cute sprite boat and sail away into the blue sea only to be attacked by eyeballs… and some green things! 2 battles occur and on the third… party dies.

Sprite party now fears the ocean at current experience levels and decides to stay in the forests to get pounced by oogly ogres and snakes. Poisoning happens during a fight with snakes… party is cured with one and only antidote and is poisoned again.

The sprites get tired and pitch a tent near a mountain and hope for better luck with poisons on the morrow.
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  1. Lone Wolf Leonhart's Avatar
    Poor blind sprite gets robbed! That's sad.

    "oogly ogres" is a good name. I like it.
  2. Ghosteses's Avatar
    thank you ^^ sorry i have not been updating :x been in a weird mood lately ;O