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Crazy/In Love

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Ten years ago today, I was a teenager catching a bus at 5am to go meet some American hooligan at the airport. And look at us now! Who knew I would accidentally find a dashing, stubborn, and intelligent fellow who would check all the zoo/museum enclosures so I don't have to see any _________, make singing along to the radio the funniest thing ever, be able to find, identify and point out birds before I've even noticed them, and knock out a Dostoevsky like it ain't no thang? Certainly not me.

What can I say? It takes a damn fool to travel to the opposite hemisphere to meet some girl from the internet, and a damn fool to follow him back again; so here's to another decade of luck and foolishness, and even permanent smite.
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  1. Shorty's Avatar
    this is the sweetest thing ever ;________________________;

    I wish the two of you ten more wonderful years and decades more after that!
  2. Pike's Avatar
    Dostoyevsky is feckin' great. Brothers Karamazov is my favorite book of all time.

    also: congrats!!
    Updated 11-06-2013 at 12:16 PM by Pike
  3. noxious.sunshine's Avatar
  4. Del Murder's Avatar
    Congratulation to you both! You are a vey odd couple but pretty swell in my book.
  5. JenkinsHTTK's Avatar

    I don't blame you, us American types can be quite irresistible at times.
  6. Shlup's Avatar
    I'm really glad you two worked out. I like you together.