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Bonus Stage

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I felt like I was stuck on some really troutty stage in Sonic the Hedgehog for a few months there, moving super fast and spinning in circles and generally failing at doing both of those things efficiently. But recently, it's like I've finally beaten that stage and progressed to the Bonus Stage. Now all I have to do is collect a metric smurfton of rings before the timer runs out, and I'm a winner regardless. This is a good feeling.

There are new people in my life, old friends back in my life, and others still becoming something closer. All of the pieces are falling back into place and I really couldn't be more pleased with my crazy late nights and ridiculous party habits. I still get ample rest and find opportunities to avoid shirking any responsibility whatsoever. There is balance.
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  1. Shlup's Avatar
    Don't forget to praise your fabulous hair.