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So I've started out this whole, 'telling people what I really think and saying no to things' phase. I am constantly walked all over and it's pissing me off! "Are you coming onto campus? Can you bring me some food?" Usually I'd be like, oh ok, no worries, now I'm like "Um no can't be bothered". I'm sticking up for me a lot more. Well not so much me, but what I want to do. After work on the weekends, no I don't want to go girly clothes shopping, I want to go back to my place put my xbox on and have some food!

Unfortunately I think there are going to be some issues with me saying no in the future. Because some people just don't like 'No' and spit their dummy out.

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  1. Clo's Avatar
    Girl, me and you are in the exact same place.
  2. Loony BoB's Avatar
    I applaud you in this, and I think that my girlfriend needs to start doing similar things! People should never allow themselves to be walked over.