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I really, really like having a baby. Being a mother was always my main goal in life, but I didn't think I'd like it this much. I don't even mind that my nipples are killing me right now because I just pumped more milk than I ever have in one sitting before--I feel accomplished. Today she stared lifting her legs and laying them to the side, so that she's almost laying on her right side, and it's like the biggest deal ever. I took a few dozen pictures of this major event. I'm going to call the president when she rolls over. And then I have to start baby-proofing.

I made more milk just thinking about it.
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  1. Quindiana Jones's Avatar
    Good job you're here, really. I've got some muesli here; fill 'er up.

    Also, awwwwwwwww. :3
  2. Shlup's Avatar
    I bet that'd be pretty good actually. It's sweet!
  3. kotora's Avatar
    I've been thinking I wanna try breast milk. I bet it's smurfing delicious and only babies get to have it
  4. Shlup's Avatar
    Last time I had it I didn't like it, but the first time I had it it tasted like the milk left in the bowl after you eat Lucky Charms.
  5. Shaibana's Avatar
    the thought of getting kids creeps me out :P .. no kids for me!
    ill watch my sisters future kids once in a while, haha!!

    just make sure that your fridge does not get stuffed with cans of breastmilk xD haha
  6. Jinx's Avatar
    From the pictures I have seen of her, I've got to say, you have one pretty baby! All of the babies in my Facebook feeds look like ugly, little trolls. Bailey is lovely, though!
  7. Shlup's Avatar
    I would love to stuff my fridge with breastmilk. I want to make more milk than any one baby could possibly consume!

    And thank you, Jinx, I made her from scratch!
  8. Jinx's Avatar
    With two ounces of your husband's baby gravy, right?

    You should make a milkshake with your breast milk and report back to us on the findings.
  9. Shlup's Avatar
    If Bailey would stop eating all day I just might bake something with it. Right now every time I think I made extra she decides she wants a snack.
  10. Shaibana's Avatar
    this is getting weird
  11. Quindiana Jones's Avatar
    Booby cake sounds interesting.
  12. Jinx's Avatar