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Del Murder and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary this past Halloween. And we did it in style in New Zealand.

It's neat that we get to go on adventures together. But my favorite thing ever is cracking each other up just by being weird together every single day.

A not unusual conversation in the Del Murder Miriel household:

Miriel: My feet are sweating
Del Murder: Are you saying that as you're rubbing your feet's sweat on me?!?!
Miriel: ...yes.

Updated 11-13-2013 at 01:03 AM by Miriel

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  1. Shlup's Avatar
    That went from sweet to gross real fast.
  2. Freya's Avatar
    I loved your New Zealand pictures. I'm envious of the trip!

    I hadn't realized you guys had been together for so long though. Congrats! Being your weird self is the best part of a relationship. :]
  3. noxious.sunshine's Avatar
    That pic is so beyond cute it almost makes me want to yak. Lol

    Congrats you two!!! So happy for you both!
  4. You've got to be in it to Quin it's Avatar
    You two sicken me. In both adorableyness and sweat-transferallyness.
  5. Shorty's Avatar
  6. Del Murder's Avatar
    You know it's true love when you will absorb the other person's foot sweat.