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Black Magic Shopkeeper LIVE.

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Well I guess after being gone for YEARS now... How many years has it been now??? 8?
I'm back
I wonder if anyone even remembers me.
But I managed to retrieve my password with the help of my sister to get access to my ancient, aaaancient e-mail address that I don't even use anymore. Oh my god is my art still on here? Are my black magic shopkeeper pictures still alive? What about my crazy little noseless moogle? Oh man... oh man!!!
Oh hey, a blog thing.
I'm gonna use it now.
So, I'm back from the longest hiatus ever. I was just a stupid little brat back then. ...And now I'm 25.
My intelligence hasn't improved much.

But I have a webcomic now, going by the name of ZERO EFFORT. It's a fantasy adventure, reminiscent of swords & sorcery anime, Dungeons & Dragons, and traditional rpgs such as Final Fantasy 1-6 and 9, with the added spice of diversity between species and a detailed magic system!

Then there's the shorter, darker webcomic series I'm working on, called The March Will Come. It follows the story of a human girl and her alien friend trapped in a barren dystopian man-made world. It's got biopunk, sci-fi grit, and a neo-80's-like feel to it.

Check 'em out if you have the time.

But seriously, man, it's been so long.
I'm surprised my account survived for this long.
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  1. Ayen's Avatar
    Ooh, the artwork on those look fantastic. Good job
  2. Black Magic Shopkeeper's Avatar
    Oh wow, thanks!!
  3. Psychotic's Avatar
    I remember you! Hey look, I even left you a visitor message on your profile four years ago!
  4. Black Magic Shopkeeper's Avatar
    ...Oh, FOUR years. That's not as long.
    Still, wow. I kinda remember you-ish too
  5. Shorty's Avatar
    Sweet stuff! Thanks for sharing your comics.
  6. Mahad's Avatar
    Art work is really well done, good stuff!