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Worlds Within

Alteration Command

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Mike Thomas can utilize his powers to alter the physical state of the world. Depending on the intent and amount of power allocated, he can defy the laws of physics and science to produce astounding results.

This manifests in the Alteration Command.

Here are the details below:

Command: !Alteration
Description: Physically alters the immediate area according to the wishes of the user.
Details: At Level 1, the Alteration command has the following success rates:
- Changing the battlefield type: 55% (Charge Time: 19)
- Changing the dungeon type: 13%
- Changing the village type: 8%
- Fulfilling a request: 19% (Charge Time: 29)
- Fulfilling a personal desire: 11% (Charge Time: 14)
- Produce a random effect: 85% (Charge Time:10)

Mike Thomas cannot physically alter the state of a biological or mechanical being.

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  1. The Last Illoran's Avatar
    !Aleteration: turn my school into a free pizza buffet/ free gamestop