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Deciding to share this even if it is a BAD idea xD

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so i have only been here for almost two months but in this time i mention some things in chat probably from habit and people get confused.

i am really not the kind of person to share stuff like illnesses and what not. why? because i do not want or like people feeling sorry for me. attention grabbing annoys me and constantly crying about how 'bad' your life is just makes me LOL because there is always someone out there worse off then you. those starving kids in otherworld countrys? most likely worse off then me and anyone else in my town or on this website.

SO this is not a boohoo feel sorry for me post it is basically just me opening up a little and i do NOT want it to change how people treat me. the real reason i am doing it is because people wont get confused when something comes up and i act all confused because i have probably never done it ;o

this little link here explains EVERYTHING so... click it =D [url][/url]

someone in chat a few nights ago was curious why i cannot roll in snow. well here you go ^..^ i also have neva skated and i do not remember the last time i ran. i am not sure if ever did actually.

how do i feel? perfectly fine ;o people always try to feel sorry for me and think i have like a ticket to deaths house and my life should be all hohum and depressed. nope. not me xD i for one am thankful for my life and there is some poor person out there waaay worse then me.

anyone here with problems. feeling down? it is ALL state of mind. trust me =D

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  1. Shaibana's Avatar
    thats a nice attitude to have ^^ (thats not sarcastic btw)
    if ur not feeling sorry for yrself, then why should we?
  2. Ghosteses's Avatar
    well thank you for understanding! <3
  3. Freya's Avatar
    That's how my outlook on it is too, I may be sick but someone out there has it worse and I'm able to be happy and enjoy the things I like so life's not bad. Of course I just have lots of breathing issues and surgeries on my sinuses and had a tumor in my chest but that's gone now. ANYWAY point is, I get it. Others here get it too. Of course we don't have what you have, as that seems rare, but we do get it!

    Question about it, how severe is your case of this if you don't mind me asking
  4. noxious.sunshine's Avatar
    Like I told you before, you're a very smart and mature young lady ... And brave for sharing your condition with everyone else.

  5. Ghosteses's Avatar
    jamie <3

    not really sure how to grade it. it is not severe i guess but more then mild. i can still walk and probably will for the next few years i hope :x

    basically i have slurred speech. horrible balance and i twitch randomly.. get super tired randomly and my eyes go a weird sometimes. really darty.

    what is funny is i hobble because for some reason i walk on the outsides of my feet xD we have railings in the house on almost all the walls and ramps because as much as i dislike my wheel chair and my walker (i am stubborn and it drives marm crazy) i do use both in the winter.

    so other then those weird things i am a perfectly normal human being... as normal as a FF fan can be anyway =D

    i am actually pretty bad at explaining stuffs :x so i hope that helps xD basically if i was super tired and over 21 you might think i was drunk if i talked to you :x lol
  6. Freya's Avatar
    Thank you for explaining it. It is very brave of you to talk about it all and handle it as you do! You're still the same ghosty to me though! Whom I share girl visual novels with
  7. Ghosteses's Avatar
    you are welcome =D

    which reminds me... i have to play more and figure out exactly how to get one of those boy men :x lol

    i am bad at winning digital video game hearts xD