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ugh i think i'm getting the flu

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pray for me
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  1. Denmark's Avatar
    no flu for you
  2. Shaibana's Avatar
    maybe an exorcist will work better then prayers
  3. Ghosteses's Avatar
    i hear flu is common on saturn :x but in all seriousness i had the flu a few weeks ago so i know exactly how you feel >.< jamie told me i was gone from eoff for a week or so... i had no idea i was sick that long

    will send prayers for you <3
  4. Formalhaut's Avatar
    Haha, oh wow, this is still called the purple purse blog.

    But back on topic. I shall pray!
  5. Slothy's Avatar
    I would pray, but god and I don't really get along. Have you tried selling your soul to the other guy?

    If it makes you feel any better, I had the worst flu imaginable a couple of years ago. Symptoms adults aren't really supposed to get, I got and then some. It was a fun time.