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Top Ten Visits by Country

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I get all giddy at the thought that people from foreign countries actually visit my blog and read my reviews, assuming they actually take the time to read my reviews and don't just click on the page and then close the window.

1.) United States (1561)
2.) Germany (157)
3.) Russia (145)
4.) United Kingdom (65)
5.) Canada (55)
6.) France (54)
7.) China (47)
8.) Ukraine (42)
9.) Malaysia (36)
10.) Sweden (36)

I figured the UK and Canada would be in the second and third spots, honestly and I have no idea where Malaysia is located at.


  1. Midgar Mist's Avatar
    Yes.......... you caught me going through your archive blogs. I hope that the UK rose to a higher spot 2 years later, if you posted anymore of these types of blogs, i shall see and compare.