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Dragon Age 2: Mass Effect

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Not having the internet, its rare that I actually hear much news about games that I want. I'm sure this has been on the wire for a long time. But I've recently discovered the plans that BioWare is putting forth in the next Dragon Age

In Origins, you can choose what you want to be. Dwarf, Elf, Human. You name your character. And start a unique beginning. The beginning is a great novelty, but not a requirement. The Baldur's Gate games were just as good without unique beginnings, but still being able to have a unique character. One that you get to name and decide the race of

In Dragon Age 2 I have heard that you are a human. Your name is Hawke. You get to choose your class and your gender. That's it. Kinda like Commander Shepard. The human. I know a lot of people were disappointed to find that the Mass Effect series was focused a lot on the human involvement in the events. Being the main human in those events makes up for it a little. But everyone wonders what it would have been like to be another race

Dragon Age let you be the other races. It seems a little backwards to now narrow the options into some generic human

That's my main gripe. Correct me if I'm mistaken and they've changed their minds. But further, and a lot less critical, I also hear that they are changing the dialog interaction. They'll now use a dialog wheel. Not that I had a problem with the wheel in Mass Effect, but it seemed more like Mass Effect's "thing". I rather enjoyed it staying where it was, and kinda liked that Dragon Age played more like Baldur's Gate and Knights of the Old Republic, in that the choice of dialog you choose, is actually what's said. In Mass Effect, the wheel, being in the middle, limits the amount of text you can display on either side of the wheel. So a lot of dialog options were merely paraphrased in the wheel, and what was actually said was a lot different. Sometimes a completely different meaning than intended. Which means the wheel was supposed to indicate sarcasm or something and you might choose it taking it literally

I dunno

On another rant, I think BioWare needs to make a damn movie. I saw the trailer for this game recently and was really enticed by it. Much like I was with their Star Wars MMO game's trailer. They can animate and choreograph fights excellently. Their ability to weave a gripping story is almost unparalleled. And their voice actors are top notch. They'd definitely be able to make a better movie than any other gaming company out there (imho) [suck it Square]

Anyway. This game is slated for March 8th I believe

Any thoughts? Probably not :P My threads rarely go anywhere. Especially my long winded ones. I've no idea what to expect of a long winded blog lol

(Yey first blog..)


  1. Freya's Avatar
    I love the Mass Effects and I like the character actually talking. I'm not a big fan of the silent warrior so doing this Hawke thing allows them to have a voice actor, hell yes. I'm all for it then.
  2. Vyk's Avatar
    Having a name just allows them to be addressed by people. The silent warrior thing was separate, but I totally agree with you on that. Being addressed by name tends to add some depth. However, the voice actors in Dragon Age: Origins weren't terribly different depending on race. So you could easily just have a Male and Female voice actor in this regard as well. It would't change anything in regards to being a dwarf or an elf, as long as you sound badass, since that's what your character is destined to be anyway. But yeah. I'm really for having a voice actor. I just don't think it should hinder your options as a character
  3. Freya's Avatar
    I think you're a whiny butt. I don't care about multiple races xD
  4. Vyk's Avatar
    Heathen! :P Playing a human is hardly "role playing" xD Too relatable. Not much new to experience as a character
  5. Loony BoB's Avatar
    Not impressed if they're making it human-only.
  6. Freya's Avatar
    Being a short drunkard tossing an ax around is hardly different than my real life.
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