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1. Lose 30 pounds or more.
-To do this I am going to eat healthier (which really, anything is healthier than how I've been eating the past week!), and join a gym and exercise. I want to do cardio and strength training with weights. Any advice on exercise would be greatly appreciated!

2. Grow out my hair until it's completely natural.
-This one's pretty simple. Just don't dye my hair! I'll probably cut my hair from time-to-time. My hair is already about two or two-and-a-half inches of natural at my roots. I hope to have it grown out my next December!

3. Make more friends.
-I've never been a huge social butterfly, but I've always had go-to friends when I wanted to go out. Since I've moved, my only friend is Rob. I'd like to make 1 or 2 good friends in my area!

4. Cultivate a new hobby.
-I really, really want to learn to belly dance! I'm sure I'll be god awful, but I bet it will be so fun. And while not a "new" hobby, I plan to audition for a local choir on the 13th of this month. These things will really help with Resolution #3.

5. Be nicer to people.
-Pretty self-explanatory. I got a head-start in late 2013, but I hope I continue to be nicer and become more "practiced" at it.

6. Read 75 books or over.
-This one will be simple! I finished 67 books in 2013, and there were huge portions of time when I wasn't reading at all. I did the math, and I have to read 1.44 books a week to reach this goal. Easy as pie. It also helps that I keep track on Goodreads.

7. Volunteer somewhere.
-This one will require research and possibly training if it's an animal program (which is what I'm leaning towards). Ideally I'd like to volunteer once a week, but I'd maybe start out with once or twice a month.

8. Run an EoFF event once every other month or more.
-Again, self-explanatory. The main thing here is coming up with events people will actually want to take part in.

9. Stop procrastinating.
-Bwahaha, gotta be honest, the odds are against me here.
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  1. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Good goals! I would like to learn belly dancing too, but I can't afford classes. I remember when I let my hair grow out after I died it black. It looked awful for a little while, but it is all good now.

    I wish you much success!
  2. Freya's Avatar
    Your book readingness on good reads this past year has inspired me to read more. And I have a goal of 50 books in 2014! So thanks!
  3. Jinx's Avatar
    Thank you, shion! I hope I can keep at least a few of these!

    That's actually awesome to hear, Freya! I'm kind of honored that I inspired someone! If you haven't already, I'd really go suggest making the reading goal challenge on Goodreads. There's a bar showing you the percentage of your challenge you've completed, and the percentage of how far/behind you are to complete your challenge. It also lets people see what you're reading. Go do iiiit!