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I wonder if I gave everyone the wrong address, because I haven't received any Christmas cards yet

I got Rantz's (Rantz'?) though. Thanks Rantz!
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  1. Madonna's Avatar
    Check your Sent Items folder; you may have been saving copies of messages sent, and you can use that to double-check whether or not you put out the wrong address. If Rantzien can send you a card, though, maybe everyone else just sucks.
  2. Calliope's Avatar
    It looks like I gave everyone the correct address, perhaps the postal service is simply slow ;_;
  3. noxious.sunshine's Avatar
    Yeah Shorty said she was sending out cards and asked for my.. lol I never got it!
  4. Shorty's Avatar
    Because I am a bad bad bad bad friend and they are sitting in my car, waiting to be mailed tomorrow. Tomorrow for realsies, guys.
  5. noxious.sunshine's Avatar
    OH. And here I was thinking I was being a douche by not saying thank you 'cuz I never got it. lmfao

  6. Shorty's Avatar
    Nope! I am the douche here. I am the giant, insensitive douche.
  7. Calliope's Avatar
    No one is a douche! Sarah, you drive out of state every day to toil away at your job. Mandee has a child to look after. Not everyone has (had) my oodles of free time, so it's understandable that people forget, or have other obligations (especially during the holidays - people travel, go to church, have family stuff to do) - I'm just a little sad these days is all. This reminds me of a poem I should find.
  8. Minami's Avatar
    I sent my cards out at least two weeks before Christmas Did you sign up to receive the Christmas cards from the other members? I just looked at the list and your name isn't on there?
  9. Calliope's Avatar
    I did not officially sign up, no; I simply exchanged addresses with a few people here and there, including non-eoff people.
  10. Minami's Avatar
    Ah right, I was worried i'd missed you out