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The audio that plays when I'm on hold with my insurance company loops every 45 seconds. I've heard it 260 times so far today. At around 230 you start to flinch every time the piano solo is about to start, like you're gonna get a smack.


The friendly voice that tells you all associates are busy assisting other callers cuts off the piano solo. When she's done, the song jumps in again, mid-note.


It's always the same segment of the song. Over and over. What's the rest of the song??


I don't know if I'm feeling woozy from lack of food, or if it's a result of the torture.


I'm pretty sure it's the torture.


All I want in the whole world is for them to correct their own damn math error.








The estimated wait time was 29 minutes, 25 seconds.



I can't go make something to eat now because my battery is too low. BJ made me a PBJ, at least. I don't remember when that was.


All the links on Reddit are purple.


I'm just now noticing how dirty my desk is.


Did the song just change or am I legitimately losing it now?

Oh my god they booted me from the que.

Oh, hey, this hold music is much better.
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  1. fire_of_avalon's Avatar
    It is time to lose your trout on someone. If you have run out of trout to lose I am happy to pretend to be you and lose my trout all over someone on your behalf.
  2. Shlup's Avatar
    I'm pretty good at being pushy without yelling, I think... People just keep screwing things up though/ The lady I spoke to went to her other line to call the company billing me immediately, and said I would get a follow-up on the 17th. If it isn't fixed at that point, I really will lose my trout.
  3. Jessweeee♪'s Avatar
    They're busy talking to pharmacy technicians. People's cards keep getting declined because they have different processing info for the new year and when they're prompted for a card they bring me the old one and insist that it's the new one, so I have to call and get their new processing info

    I hate January.