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To Health!

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I called my insurance company again today, but this time a different line because I needed to talk to a "dedicated Health Plan Advisor" for this issue. I have this brochure they sent me about tax credits for these new Obamaplans, and it said to call to determine my eligibility and receive more info.

On hold, the audio was a little different. There was even a message about these tax credits! It describes the tax credit, and then says "To determine eligibility--" and then cuts off and goes back to the same grating piano solo as before.

I wasn't on hold very long though, being that I was calling a different department. Still, I wouldn't have bothered calling if I had known it was just going to be an old man describing how to use to me... This whole brochure and "call for more info" suggestion could've been summarized as "Go to and fill trout out."

The best part though was that the site is bogged down today due to the February 1st deadline, and the "Apply Now" button was taking a very long time to work. The Heath Plan Advisor's advice? Click it more firmly. Apparently that helps for him.

I'm filling out the application now. It's taking a minute or two per page to load. Let's see what Obama's been up to...
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  1. Mahad's Avatar
    "click more firmly", lol

    reminds me I need to get through with this myself though.
  2. Shlup's Avatar
    You should do it soon! My company auto-enrolled me in a new plan but I thought I should check out the new website... Got a better plan and saved $400 a month.
  3. Jessweeee♪'s Avatar
    Click...firmly? What the smurf kind of mouse does this guy have where there are different degrees of click strength? It's either clicked or it isn't.
  4. fire_of_avalon's Avatar
    So today at work I had to call some person's insurance company to see if they were covered for some kind of services. After dancing through like fifty automated buttonpress thingers I finally got to a person who said they were having an update (which is call center talk for "oh trout the systems are down and we don't know what to do") and couldn't help me so asked me to hold while they transferred me.

    The person I got transferred to also said they were having an update and I should call back later. I asked when and they said "Just later than now! Is that ok?"

    And I said "Nope. That's not ok!" and hung up on them like a brat.

    I thought of you.