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Hey, there's this thing here. Also, DOGGEHS!

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Why have I not posed a blog yet? *shrug* But I am now! I'm mostly posting this here now because I can't warrant it being a topic of discussion anywhere on the actual forums. Anyway, I'm getting 2 new additional family members (maybe)!

My roommate's uncle has to move to a nursing home and can't keep these two. The introductions between these two and my cat Maverick....are a bit rocky. Ok, he's being a jerk. Has anyone introduced new pets to a skittish one in their home? My roommate brought them home before I got home and pretty much let them have the run of the house until I got home. I'm having her keep the dogs in her room for now (they're small, they won't be cramped up there!) until Mav gets used to their scent. Anyway, PICTURES!

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This one is Gidget, and I'm 99% sure she's a Tibetan Spaniel. She's been super mopey since she got here, but after a little bit she's super sweet and docile. I have a feeling she's a little older (My roommate has no idea how old they are btw).

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This is Foxy and she's a Pomaranian/Chihuahua mix (Pomchi!). She's quickly becoming my favorite of the two. She's energetic and also very sweet. My roommate went out for a minute so I kept an eye on them while she was out and this one was in my lap, following me around the house and just generally by my side the whole time.

I'm hoping it all works out with my cat though, I'm unsure. I'm also not sure I can really afford a dog right now because of pet care. We're going to give it a month and see how everything works out.
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