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slowly becomming my bf's mom :l

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My bf lives with me now becaus his school is in my town.

but i am getting so pissed with that school :S
they are the first to do that education in this town, so they are the guinea pigs.

but everything is so disorganised :S

- they had to get a schooluniform that costs 325 euro's .. yeah, we all have that much money in our pockets at any time
- lazy teachers. they literally come in 'i dont want to do this class today, go home' ... seriously?
- they have to make essays but nobody grades it. that teacher litteraly just quickly got through it to check if every chapter was there and trew it in the bin. that got me so mad :S its disrespectfull! why would you bother to make it anyway?
- the gym teacher got retired.. and there is no replacement. you know the guy is going to get retired, why dont you make sure there is replacement by then!?
- too much free time. they often have 2 hours between classes. or a class of 15 minutes and after that the have to 'study on their own'

- today my bf has to 'volunteer' on an Open Day at the school.. volunteer? yeah sure, they just picked 4 guys randomly.
he has to be there from 15:00-21:00 :l and before that he has to attend school. he was suppose to be home between 11-12 so he could eat etc. but its 13:15 already and no sign of him

i thought my school was disorganized when i was there, but this takes it too a new lvl!
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  1. kotora's Avatar
    School uniforms? Aren't you like in your 20s? What school is this?
  2. Shaibana's Avatar
    he is 20 ... and yes.. school uniforms :l