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not sure if

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im going to a concert of Within Temptation on februari 20.

but now im not sure if im exited, or feel like my money will be completely wasted :l

we are having '1st class tickets for standing places' and now im afraid that ill get pushed back, or that ill have to see the entire concert through the telephone screen of the guy before me :l

the telephone thing botheres me the most.
i really hate those telephones.. i already told my boyfriend not to film it, becaus you wont replay it anyway, and it will ruin the whole experience..

just watch and enjoy! for the love of god..

im crossing my fingers
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  1. Ayen's Avatar
    If you get to see Within Temptation live I am going to throw all my jellies at you.
  2. Shaibana's Avatar
    start throwing already :3
  3. Ayen's Avatar
    *dumps a big bucket of jelly on you instead*