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Waving The White Flag

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I didn't come here to argue over dumb

And I'm not gonna put up with it .. I can admit when I'm wrong, but for me to actually apologize and try to fix the problem is a big deal. So of course, getting shut down and out after I bother trying only pisses me off even more.

I moved 900 miles to be w him, but he can't even be the tiniest but understanding that I left my dad pretty much completely alone, my daughter behind, I'm still not over losing my mom and idk when or if I ever will be, not to mention I'm in freaking NYC and literally beside myself worrying about how I'm gonna learn the trains & subways and find a job. 'Cuz literally almost every job posting on Craig's List asks for a head shot &/or at least a yr's worth of experience or more in whatever job field.. Servers, I've seen ads say that ypu need at least 2 yrs of exp working in NYC restaurants. LOL.

But yeah.. I dont ask for much. Just for some understanding that I'm struggling to figure this ish out and that I'm gonna be snappy and bitchy at times for awhile.

But, at thus rate, I just wanna go home... Even tho I dont even have one anymore.
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  1. Shorty's Avatar
    It sound like you guys have had problems for a while. Do you think your life would be better or worse without him?