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I should write more

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I am going to try and sit down and do thirty minutes to an hour of writing everyday. Even if I'm staring at the screen with writer's block. I am going to try and get a book out eventually and no one will read it, but that's okay! I have been writing this story in my head since I was a little girl and darn it if I'm not going to write it eventually!

Also going to try to go for more walks and draw something everyday.

Updated 02-18-2014 at 05:34 AM by Pumpkin

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  1. Ayen's Avatar
    You go girl!
  2. Freya's Avatar
  3. Colonel Angus's Avatar
    Good luck, Shion! I have the same thing. I've had a story going on in my head for years, but have yet to complete it. Maybe by the end of the year we'll both have complete stories.