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So I'm writing a novel...

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As some of you may know, I want to become a published writer someday, but I still think I'm kinda wet behind the ears. I really want to thank Scotty_ffgamer for starting the writing prompts thread, as well as all of the wonderful writers there, whom I've come to recognize as friends. The thread has really helped me grow as a writer, I believe. My style has improved and I've tried some new things I would never have tried otherwise.

So, I'm writing a novel. I mean, I started before the prompts thread began, but it has helped me a lot. It's actually an idea I've had since high school. Basically, it's a YA urban fantasy book, but with a very dark twist somewhere along the line, where I really want to focus on the multiple characters I've created. I hope it all works out someday, but I know the chances are really slim, especially considering the pace of my writing. It's been over a half a year, and I only got two chapters so far. I mean, I have a draft of what the entire story is going to look like, so it's not that I don't know what I'm supposed to write. I just find myself incredibly blocked. I mean, once I start writing, I can write really fast, but most of my time is just spent staring at the screen with a blank expression, drooling.

I just really hope I can get over this soon and finish this thing. I have plenty of ideas and want to write more, it's just that this block somehow makes me feel like I don't have what it takes and this is all a big mistake. I still want to keep hoping, though.

If anyone is interested in what I've written, I've put the two chapters I've written here. Also, any tips on dealing with my current state from all the glorious writers here are very much welcome.
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  1. Shauna's Avatar
    Best of luck! I will have a read at your chapters when I am not at work.
  2. Black Magic Shopkeeper's Avatar
    I have yet to be able to read it in full but I keep glancing at it, hoping to have the time soon... I'm always willing to support up-and-coming authors!

    Maybe if I like it enough I'll make a little offer, too...
  3. Freya's Avatar
    Best of luck! Like other EoFFers, If you write it, I will read it!