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Within temptation

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Yesterday i went to a (try out) concert from Within temptation. and everything went better then expected!

we were about 1 hour and a view minutes early so the row in front of us wasnt too long. at the time the doors went open we couldnt even see the end of the line behind us!

once we were in the building we managed to get a very nice spot with a good overview on the stage, we were standing '2nd row'. luckely the lady's in front of us were no taller then 1,50 meter so we could look right over them! haha! the hall the concert was in was pretty small :3 wich i think is better. (i think they said 1500 men)

then we waited for about an hour :l my back started to hurt a little and i was getting very hungry. at a certain point i was convinced i would either pass out of throw up. the warmth didnt realy help either

the next thing that bothered me is that we were standing right next to the speakers. but i did not want to give up this spot!.
i have been closing 1 ear with my hand the whole concert xD

luckely i didnt have to see the whole concert through a telephone screen

i told my boyfriend not to film anything (like he wants to) but to just make a view photo's :3
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they performed amazing! and i still cant believe that Sharon (the singer) can reach such high notes!

everything went way better then expected
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