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I've come to realize my life is a pretty happy one. I mean, I've been going through something of a quarter-life crisis lately, but ultimately, I know there's a lot of people out there who have it way harder than me. Some of them on these forums. Some of whom have become my close friends.

So, considering that, the fact that my popularity here seems to be increasing (seriously, 2 years ago most of my posts got ignored and now I've actually won a Ciddie), and the fact that I need to seriously learn how to blog if I want my writing career to get started, I've decided to start a series of blogs dedicated to looking at life in a positive way, regardless of it's hardships which are plentiful. What's all this for? Perhaps I can make someone's day, or maybe I'll read some insightful comment that will make my day? Most of all, I feel the need to reach out to you people and hope we can all become more enthusiastic towards life in general.

My wife have me an article to read the other day. I won't link it here because it's in Polish. It was basically a list of answers different people gave to a set of questions - how much they earn, how much money they consider a lot, etc. the answers were listed from those who had the least (a homeless man) to those who had the most (a CEO of some huge company, who wasn't even sure what his income was. My first impression after reading the article was pretty depressing. Aside from the richest man, everyone was dissatisfied with their income, and though that CEO wasn't complaining, he was aware he would want more anyway, because the more money he had, the more dreams he had, dreams that required money to be fulfilled. I think the worst comment was made by the woman who was the second richest. She was like, yes, I make a lot of money, but then I have to pay for my car, my yacht, my son's French university, my daughter's private school tuition and all I'm left is 7,000 for my needs, and I still need to do grocery shopping and pay my personal trainer, and I still want to go to Disney World someday. That seriously made me bang my head on the wall.

Pretty bleak for a happy blog, huh? But then I got to thinking. Yes, we always want more, but it doesn't really have to be this way. The middle and poor people complained about money, but they still seemed quite fulfilled. The ultimate message the CEO had to give is that you need to follow your dreams. It's an painful uphill battle, a lot of blood may be spilt, but ultimately, even if we fail, we still dream and it gives us a drive and that drive makes life worth living. I know it's cliché, but I'm more and more convinced the journey is what counts. I'm not financially stable yet, even though I feel I should be. I mean, I'm already married for Christ's sake and I can't get a job. Granted, I'm still on my MA studies and have got a whole life ahead of me. I'm writing my book which is going slow as smurf but I'm writing it. I hope my dream gets fulfilled. I will do my best to make that happen.

It's gonna be hard and I'll probably end up disappointed more than once, but isn't that what makes us Journey further?

So what are your thoughts on money and happiness? Do you think your income is high enough? What do you hope to achieve before you die?

I really hope all of you guys have a nice day and I wish you all beautiful dreams
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