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Del Murder

Fantasy Football - Week 1

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I'm going to post my thoughts on my EoFF fantasy football team here.

In Week 1 I barely lost to eestlinc. If the Chargers were able to hold onto a last minute TD pass from Rivers I would have won it, but you can come up with plays every week for every team like that. My biggest disappointment was lack of production from my RBs (Williams and Harrison).

It is now Week 2 and I am playing edczxcvbnm. His team has already played and my team has one player left to play tomorrow. I'm currently down by 1.6 points so I'll probably win this one. It's the same story again from my RBs this week. I played the same two again because they had favorable matchups and I hoped Week 1 was a fluke (at least for Williams). But, nada again. Really only Rivers is the player who is playing at a star level (and Donald Driver too I guess). There were plenty of great RB adds to make this week and last due to several injuries, but I'm just too slow to pick them up. Baseball is a lot easier in that regard because players take longer to get established and rarely are there gamebreaking waiver adds that can help you for a long time.

Speaking for baseball, it looks like I'm in line for another win. So that's 8 in a row.

Sorry for boring 90% of the readers of these blogs with this sports entry.
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  1. Raistlin's Avatar
    McFadden is for trade... and he's outperformed both of your RBs so far!
  2. Miriel's Avatar