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Kind of a New Years Resolution

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So, as of late I've been slacking off on a lot of things.

And by a lot of things I mean two things.

First off, I'm out of shape, as I've not been excersizing all that much. I mean I'm a small guy, yet I'm starting to get a little flab on me belly. That's not cool man.

So, I got me a Tae Bo tape for now, since those are fairly light work outs, and I'm starting to do it two times a week. Now by febuary I plan to pick up an instructional Martial arts book, specifically one of the Kung Fu ones, since I enjoyed doing the long fist one occasionally a while back, and start doing the Tae Bo twice a week, and spend one day a week doing some form training from the book.

Come March, I'll add a fourth day where I'll be doing some of the Power and Speed training that the books have. April will see the addition of a fifth day, which will also be dedicated to Form Training.

Now the next few months I'll cut the Tae Bo out entirely, and have five days, three of which will be form training and two of them power and Speed. Perhaps I'll add a sixth day at some point and use the Tae bo tape then, but who knows.

I'm also starting to force myself to eat healthier. Mind you, I wasn't that bad, except for the excess of Mountain Dew intake as of late. I'm cutting back on that, though I don't really feel like dropping it entirely. I do love me some Mountain Dew.

Next off, my writing I've been slacking far to much on. So, I've already started taking steps to get me writing more again, and to improve on it. I've improved greatly from my High School days, though there is still much to learn. My biggest goal is to improve my ability to create an atmosphere, something I'm hoping my reading of Lovecraft will help, as I don't think there is an author out there who has near the ability at atmosphere that he does.

I started by taking an online certification from Expert Rating, who seem legit enough. Several sources seemed to point them out as legitamate. I scored great in most areas of the Creative Writing Cetification, scoring a perfect on the one section, and really high in the fiction area. THough the Journalist portion was really low, but on a whole I got a high score, and got the certification.

And as one of the ideas it had for Journaling, I went a head and created a blog over at Hubspaces. I did set up for the Google ad sense, which supposedly brings in Ad revenue, but it's a bit of a consulted formula, and reading through forums, there's isn't' much of a chance at that happening, but hey, it gives me a steady outlet to get feedback on my writing, and more of an opportunity to improve.

Here soon after updating myself on grammar, i might take the test from Expert Rating in that regard, though I"m not sure if I'll do that one or not.

And the stupid thing is, what set off this line of thought was some random comment by PG. xD
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  1. Jiro's Avatar
    Don't admit that PG caused anything.

    I hope your motivation continues all year. I know it's hard to keep it up, even if it's drastically necessary like my exercise programs are. So good luck to you!