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Aerith's Knight

AK's misguided new years resolutions

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I thought a nice way to introduce my way into 2011 was to blog about it, because you know, that's never been done before. So here is my list of new year resolutions that I'll most definitely fail to keep, and will actually keep records of when I fail to keep them. Betting is allowed, and even encouraged.

AK's misguided new years resolutions

1. Never get so drunk again that I can't remember part of the night.

Estimated time until fail: 3-6 weeks

2. Letting my girl safety net go.

Estimated time until fail: 12-15 microseconds.

3. Stop dating crazy people. (I may have a crazy fetish)

Estimated time until fail: 3-5 months

4. Not fail anymore classes:

Estimated time until fail: 4 weeks - 4 months

5. Don't procrastinate.

Estimated time until fail: 2 days.
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  1. Shlup's Avatar
    I always knew you were made of fail.
  2. Peegee's Avatar
    basically you are procrastinating procrastination for 2 days?
  3. Aerith's Knight's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ShlupQuack
    I always knew you were made of fail.
    It sounds so harsh when you say it, Shlup. I think your beautiful chest shall help me through it.

    *stares at Raislin's sig*

  4. fire_of_avalon's Avatar