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Oh you little brats and your silly fantasies!

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Well I am a matured and rational educator now working in a school!

So for these past few months I have been hanging out with this male teacher in the school since we got posted there at the same time and we are around the same age too!

Due to our work, we are like always seen to be together (ONLY IN SCHOOL THOUGH). So this is where the kids start coming up with stories with us being a couple and stuffs!

One time we are having lunch together and a kid came forward and ask me "Do you like him?" right infront of him. Oh mine, talk about being awkward!

But it is also quite cute and funny to see them coming up with all these fantasies and stories which are most probably due to the teenage love dramas they have been watching!

I hope there are interesting things happening in your life too for anyone that is reading this!
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  1. Remon's Avatar you like him? XD
  2. Agent Proto's Avatar
    Kids always say the darnedest things at the most inappropriate of times.
  3. Caboose's Avatar
    You should ask him out for a drink!
  4. Shattered Dreamer's Avatar
    Too me it looks like the kid just said out loud what was in the back of your mind Go for coffee see what happens, its a new year, take a chance!
  5. Shlup's Avatar
    I suppose that's better than certain students deciding that my teacher friend and I were having an affair. Yeesh.

    Congrats on the job.
  6. Christmas's Avatar
    He got a girlfriend already! I am not as open as Yeargdribble and his relationship with that counselor stated in one of his blogs I think!

    One of the kids that kinda found him on facebook saw his photo with his girlfriend and told me she is rooting for me. Haha, children are really cute and unpredictable. I am really glad I make the switch to education.