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Things I've been doing of late

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I've been a busy bee of late. I still check eoff but you might have noticed a drop in actual posting. Or might not have.... Jerks.

  • Working lots. I have acquired 4 jobs in the past like 3 months and it's so sporadic when I work. 4 part time jobs that is, can't seem to get one good fulltime job here in oklahoma. Unless I want to work for Halliburton and smurf that.

  • Reading a LOT. I've finished quite a few books lately.

  • Learning Swedish! Yeah. I've been working on it. Why Swedish you didn't ask? Cause I wanted a fun language and it's bouncy.

  • Fighting with my old college so I can get them paid off and get them to release their tight grip they have on my transcripts. I have the money they just wont contact me. I've left multiple messages and went through multiple people now. I KNOW I owe them money. I have the money that I believe I owe them they just wont confirm how much and where to send it. It's frustrating as all hell. I was hoping to be able to get some classes in this spring semester but I can't if I can't get the stuff from my old school. I'm aiming for the fall to get out of OK and away to Washington but these wenches are making it increasingly more difficult.

  • Fighting with multiple health insurance companies. Those guys are difficult dicks. But I got some, better late than never? Actually no it's bad xD I haven't been to the doctor about my tumor in my chest for about a year because of these dicks. I'm sure it's much worse now. Meaning they get even more of my money . But it means in the next month (when the insurance goes into effect) I'll be absent a lot because of all the stuff I have to get taken care of.

  • Gaming heh

I tried to list format it but then I went too wordy. WHOOPS. The work one is really what has kept me busy. I'm working my ass off trying to get money and insurance cause after my major surgery I'll be out of commission for a while. I figure i'll work myself to the bone now since I wont be able to at all after the surgery. Hopefully I'm alright by the time my birthday rolls around because I will be severely upset if I miss out on Vegas.

So yeah that's some of the stuff I've been up to lately.... You've now been informed? Cause you all wanted to know? I just thought we needed more blogs.
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  1. Shlup's Avatar
    You just have a thing for the Swedish Chef. Admit it.
  2. Freya's Avatar
    Swedish Chef? o.O Wassat?
  3. G13's Avatar
    Muppet. The best one imo.