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Already 6 years here? Sure is long isn't it?

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Dear Eoff and Eoffers and who this might concern,

Wow, I realized I have spent six years here in EoFF although I think I am only active for like half or less than that duration! But the thing is I still remember to come back here every now and then!

I find it kinda hard to believe that I actually didn't forget about this place nor most of the people here! Although most of them that I knew aren't active anymore but hey, I get to know new people too as time pass.

This is the second forum I visited I believed, first one being a warcraft iii forum where I RP-ed. I totally cannot remember the name of that forum nor whether it still exists.

Then I found this one! And the first person I knew that still exists here is JESWEEEEEE~~~~ if I remembered! Oh you little FF VIII nerd turn moderator! And a lot lot more after that! Namely RSL, Rantizen..etc etc~~~

I wanted to write something about all the people I knew but I guess it might be a pretty long list so I reckon I will wish all of you all the best in your studies, career or your personal life! It is all good here in EoFF and it will be better in the future! Won't it!? Dream and believe it~~~~

Love and HATE~~~~
and cheers people!

BTW, my real name is not Becky, but it is a pretty cool name so I guess I will just play along.


  1. Laddy's Avatar
    Aww, I love you Christmas!!
  2. Caboose's Avatar
    Congrats on 6 years here. I hope to be as happy and energetic as you are on here in 6 years. But for now, I'm going back to bed.
  3. Jessweeee♪'s Avatar
  4. Jiro's Avatar
    Wait holy crap I've been here six years too. AMAZING. It's really good you're still around Christmas!!! You brighten up the place when you visit, it's like a breath of fresh HATE
  5. Shiny's Avatar
    Of course your real name isn't Becky! It's John.
  6. Christmas's Avatar
    It's Edward! And you are my Bella!

    Best Twilight Quotations

    And thank you everyone! I hope all of you are happy here too!!! ROCK ON!!~~~~
  7. escobert's Avatar
  8. nirojan's Avatar
    hell yeah! you and me joined at the same time buddy! *high five*
    I have not been nearly as active as you and only come around when advent children/crisis core/ versus xiii news comes out!
  9. Kossage's Avatar
    Thanks for writing such a nice post. Time does fly, doesn't it? EoFF has led people to meet one another and form lasting friendships. Here's to hoping that years from now we'll still keep in touch one way or another.
  10. Christmas's Avatar
    HAHAHA, thank you for reading my craps! Especially 5 months later!! You are such a nice person!!
  11. I Don't Need A Name's Avatar
    Christmas! You better not forget us in this place! Keep returning