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Today I finally bothered to finish my FFV game.

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That means within the past year (as in 365 days, obviously, being 2011 and all) I've completed FFV, FFXII and FFXIII - all for the first time. Not bad! I'll probably also finish FFIX for the first time in the next month, so that'll make four in the past year. Before now I'd finished VII, VIII and X, for what it's worth. I'll probably re-finish those soon enough, too - or at least the first two. Not sure if I'll ever play X again for a long time. Just don't like Yuna and Tidus.

I was thinking of making it my new year's resolution to also finish FFI, FFII, FFIII, FFIV and FFVI this year, but then I remembered that new year's resolutions are stupid.

As for FFV, I found it to be one of the more satisfying FF endings I've witnessed. I quite enjoyed it. I definitely enjoyed the game itself, too. I love the FFV job system better than any other, with the possible exclusion of FFXI.
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  1. Yeargdribble's Avatar
    If you liked FFV I'd highly recommend III. III has been one of my favorites since long before it was available on DS. I also highly recommend the PSP version of FFI. I find myself going back to FFI with great regularity and love it.

    Also, hold out on FFIV until the new PSP version comes out with The After Years included since it will save you some money on WiiWare. Also, I personally have trouble sitting down on a couch to play those types of games any more, but that's just a personal preference.

    The most recent DS version of FFVI is great and I wonder if they are ever going to remake it. My wife keeps saying she hopes they remake it for 3DSor PSP2 and I have to agree.

    I'd hold off on FF II until you're pretty much done with everything else since it's likely to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

    Also, if possible (that is, if you haven't started yet), I'd hold off on FFIX until you've played most of the older games. Half of the awesomeness of that game is the self-referential fan-service of the FF series to that point.
  2. Levian's Avatar
    Good job on the getting things done! Moving past the point where you can travel all over the world and getting things done is actually quite hard. Stepping into that last castle takes some effort.

    Working on FFV myself. :] lovely game!
  3. Yar's Avatar
    Isn't it so much fun?

    Did you play the GBA version?
  4. Rostum's Avatar
    I should probably try out FFV at some stage. However, you should definitely finish FFIX. I love that one.