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Another dream update

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Guess it'll become a tradition for me to post my most interesting dreams here The last one was most eerie... It turned out the next book on my American Lit. syllabus was *wait for it* "The Empire Strikes Back"... Yeah... Anyway, I didn't manage to read it for the classes and there was supposed to be a test, so I went up to my teacher and confessed that I didn't manage to read the book, but have seen the movie a couple of times. I asked her if that was OK. She then yelled at me (which is weird, 'cause she's generally a calm person) and refused to leave her signature in my student's book... ;_;

Anyway, that was one heck of a dream, first nightmare in ages. You guys ever have any of these "absurd school drama" kind of dreams before?
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  1. Remon's Avatar
    That was a nightmare?
    I had one too. A dream where i was in the middle of a written exam, and my teacher wouldn't leave me alone. She'd stay beside me and taunt me the whole time, saying stuff like: "You're an idiot, you can't do it, just give up, you're so incompetent , YOU pass the exam?? LOL" . I woke up in tears.
  2. Fynn's Avatar
    Well, it wasn't a "NIGHTMARE" nightmare, but I tend to label all bad dreams as such, and trust me - there was nothing pleasant about not having read "The Empire Strikes Back".
  3. Rostum's Avatar
    Hmm interesting that you are writing about a dream. You should consider keeping a dream journal, and in turn it'll not only increase your dream recall but it'll allow you to spot inconsistencies within the dream and become lucid. Ever had a lucid dream? They are the most amazing thing in the world to experience.
  4. Fynn's Avatar
    Haven't tried it yet, but my girlfriend has, so I have heard about how amazing they are I might just give it a shot someday, when I'm not so lazy