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To plume up my will in double knavery

Orange Juice

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So, I thought I really liked orange juice and bought one of those huge, nearly 2L cartons of it yesterday.

Turns out orange juice is smurfing disgusting without gin.
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  1. Jessweeee♪'s Avatar
    are you sure you didn't buy some god awful orange "drink"
  2. Citizen Bleys's Avatar
    Same stuff I use with gin
  3. Shorty's Avatar
    You mix gin with orange juice?
  4. Citizen Bleys's Avatar
    I'll try gin with anything.

    I like it with OJ.

    Well, I like it without OJ, but I don't like OJ without gin, so maybe it should be the other way around.
  5. fire_of_avalon's Avatar
    I have never, ever had orange juice and gin together. Pine needles and oranges? Doesn't make sense in my brain palate, but maybe someday if someone ever buys me a drink I'll make them buy that and see if it makes sense on my real palate.