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What I'll be blogging about.

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I have been thinking about this for the last few days, and I think I will mainly be blogging about two things!

1. Treasures & Adventures
2. Games reviews, mainly horror.

1. Treasures and Adventures.
I love mysteries, I like exploring things and investigating things. Sadly, this is not very common things in every day life, in fact it only ever happens in movies and games. So since nobody will give me anything to solve, I will give it to them. I've had various projects the last few years. and I will tell you about them now as a taste of what's to come.

A. Bottled mail.
Last year I wrote 15 messages and threw them out on the ocean, I mostly just wrote obscure stuff that I make up and in the end labelled them with my friends' names and phone number. So hopefully the bottles will end up in some weird country and my friends will be harassed some years down the line! yay!

B. Mail.
I regularly annoy companies by sending them mail. This is what they get for having a Contact Us page on their homepage. Actually, last night I sent McVities an e-mail asking them if they would please tell Rye to stop pronouncing Digestive wrong, and then I gave them her e-mail. Hopefully they will get around to my inquiry soon and send her an e-mail. (Hopefully Rye won't read this) I also give companies fan-mail, and they often respond by giving me free stuff! So far I've collected 5 t-shirts, a box of chocolate, a cup, magnet pens, a headband, two jigsaw puzzles and lots of small bean bags. Sure they're all crap, but I treasure them greatly. Got a reply just today from a company as well, I asked them to type all their products phonetically so I could make sure I pronounced them correctly. I greatly appreciated their reply.

C. Hidden messages.
In the last apartment I lived in, I hid 15 messages, each with this message "congratulations, you've found secret note #x out #15" and on the backside I would write a letter. Hopefully they'll put the notes in the correct order to get a secret message spelled out to them. I did this a year ago and the people who live there now have found many of the notes, but not all. In fact, they found a note just now on Saturday. I was at a party there on Saturday so I got to meet a lot of the people who live there now.

D. Hidden messages part 2
Same apartment. One of the rooms has an attic where nobody has been in decades based on the amount of dust and a newspaper I found from 1967, and in the attic I placed a black and white picture of a friend of mine and then painted a red cross over his face. I'll let whoever finds it jump to their own conclusions, just hopefully they won't call the police! In hindsight I probably shouldn't have done this, but it's a bit fun regardless. I know I'd be freaked the smurf out if I found this in my attic.

E. Stored telephone numbers.
When someone leaves a telephone in the room with me, I always store the name Gnurpen on their cell phone. Incidentally, my computer's name is also Gnurpen, so when a friend of my noticed this a couple months back she said "omg, that name has been on my cell phone for two years! who the smurf is gnurpen" believing it was a name she had stored while she was drunk or something. :] Gave me great joy that moment. I won't stop until every phone on the earth are stored with Gnurpen!

I'm now planning a rather elaborate scavenger hunt in various places around town. Hiding things here and there leaving notes to the next place they have to look. Thinking about planning it for a year or so and then executing it next summer when I know I'll lots of free time on my hands. Until then I'm looking for smaller projects, so by all means drop me some ideas! Planning to buy a long piece of string and attach it to a tree in the forest, hopefully someone will follow the string and discover that it's attach to a small chest or something and open it. Just need to figure out what to put inside as well. Heeeeeee. Oh well. Gotta start thinking.

2. Horror
I also plan to update with reviews on random games I play and movies I see. Horror is such a neglected genre in the media and also shelves in the store that I see it as a civil duty to actually give them some recognance. :] Blogs are fun, I hope I don't end up neglecting this.
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  1. Miriel's Avatar
    How does someone mispronounce digestive?

    Also, you are crazy.
  2. Levian's Avatar
    My mom pronounces it wrong, she pronounces it digge-stiv-e. I told them to send her an e-mail as well, but I don't expect her to listen to reason.
  3. Miriel's Avatar
    My Mom mispronounces "foil" and "coffee". Maybe that's just what Moms do.
  4. fire_of_avalon's Avatar
    You're some kind of incredible genius. I want to go on your scavenger hunt.
  5. Jiro's Avatar
    What bottles do you use for your bottled messages? I am interested in doing this but am worried about potential environmental damage.
  6. Levian's Avatar
    eh, just used regular plastic bottles. I'm sure the environment will survive!