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This time tomorrow, hopefully I'll be playing FFXIV.

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It's more than likely that I'll still be downloading and installing patches while looking into the various vB4 issues, but hey, a guy can hope! I'm really excited about getting the game, I gotta say. I enjoyed the beta a lot, but I'd stopped playing after I got to about level 10 with my various classes and did the second storyline mission... There was no real point in continuing for me as I knew that it would be leveling etc. just to have it all wiped once the beta closed. But yeah. Soon! Hopefully less than 24 hours until I'm playing... awesome. I have five days off work timed for this. Sad, I know - but hey, I had 12 days off for the rest of the year and no reason to take them off for anything, so this was as good an excuse as I could think of. Still not sure what I'm gonna do with the remaining seven, but it's likely it'll end up being a week off in November and a couple more days when I'm getting deliveries at home or... something.

As for vB4, it's going okay. I think there are a few vocal people - myself included! - who are going to decide everything while a larger number of people just "get what they're given". I envy the people who don't mind things enough to complain about them, I guess, because I love having everything looking great from the start. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that is true for the tiniest of things to do with vB4 just as much as it is to do with the people and things you see on a day to day basis in the real world. I hope everyone can find a good middle ground, though.

A great example is how the original plans have already changed pretty dramatically from the chocobo thread icon idea, and pretty quickly too. I think for the most part we know what style we want for that, but it's just a debate on size and colour... ah, the small things that we will fight until the end of days over here at EoFF. It's nice to be on the complaining side for once, I have to admit, rather than the one having to do all the work. But yeah, it would have been much better if we'd done all of this before vB4 went live... I guess we just didn't have enough time or input. Ah well.

What else? Hmm. Not much, really. Oh, I rang Srarah the other day, that was neat. I should call people more often. I used to do it almost daily when I was single, but with Danielle at home I guess I just spend most of my talking-time on her. But yeah, when she's out clubbing or something and I stay at home, it'd probably be cool if I remember to call more people around the world. Now to just remember to do exactly that!