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Diamond Eyes.

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I'm on a constant search for people I can relate to.

I used to find the internet one of the easiest places to do this but nowadays I find it one of the hardest. When I first joined Eyes on Final Fantasy (2006) I spent most time on the chat room making friends (and enemies) and would sometimes post on the forums. After a year or so of not paying much attention to the site I find myself posting on the forums, simply to pass some time.

However my 'social network' on here has gone some what downhill. I speak to probably 3 people from the site on msn/text simply because they are old friends and I'm finding it hard to get some new friends from posting on the forums as the site is some what clique'ey' (no offense intended it's just how I see it).

After having a couple of bad years personally I am finally getting out there again, looking for some new people to relate to.

Probably will get zero response but hey I'm trying.

Take care y'all
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  1. Freya's Avatar
    Yeah the place can get clique'ey' I AGREE! I'll socialize with you ^_^
  2. Clo's Avatar
    I consider myself a member of all of your cliques.

    You can related with me! I SWEAR! Just IM or PM me.
  3. Loony BoB's Avatar
    I never thought about how good the blog feature would be for getting to know new people. I'm sure if you keep posting then people will keep reading, and that can only improve that whole social network type thing.
  4. Rye's Avatar
    You can feel free to talk to me! I do like you quite a bit. Glad to know how you feel thru the blog.
  5. Mr Twisticles's Avatar
    I'm usually always about, either message me or we'll have some general banter in the forums.
    Ever fancy a big ol' chat, I'll send you my msn sometime
    Chin up
  6. Badge's Avatar
    Heh this post wasn't meant as a 'sad' one. I'm fine just on the search for some buddies!